Unlike traditional computer-based learning systems, Immersive Education is designed to immerse and engage students in the same way that today's best 3D video games grab and keep the attention of players. Immersive Education supports self-directed learning as well as collaborative group-based learning environments that can be delivered over the Internet or using fixed-media. An Immersive Education environment is flexible and creating learning content and learning "worlds" is an inherent component.

The Greenbush Immersive Education Initiative is a series of virtual world, simulations, and virtual reality projects in the early product development phase at Greenbush.

Current Projects:

lightbulb_outline VRBlocks (Using Blockly, AFrame, & WebVR - 2019)

lightbulb_outline Greenbush Campus in VR (Using AFrame & WebVR - 2020)

Past Projects:

history Edusim (VR on the Interactive Whiteboard - 2007)

history Opensim CSI Project (CSI Crime Scene in VR - 2009)

history Scriptastic (Simple coding of objects in a VR scene - 2012)