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I am a LAMP stack web developer and a 3D immersive environments user interface designer, developer for the Greenbush Education Service Center.   I am a technology instructor with middle school students and teach the course “Gaming & Simulations in Education” for Kansas State University online.  I also serve as the co-chair for the Immersive Education K-12 working group as well as serving as the chair for the Midwest Region.

The Formal Version:

Rich White serves as the emerging technologies & immersive/collaborative education designer, developer, and researcher for the Greenbush Education Service Center in Kansas and is the Co-Chair of the K-12 Immersive Education Initiative based out of Boston College.Rich’s experiences ranges from developing immersive education hardware and software solutions to serving as a technology instructor & mentor to students as they explore emerging technology and computational thinking tools.

  • Rich is the application architect for the Edusim project ( and is the creator  of the  direct manipulation user interface for 3D virtual learning environments on interactive surfaces known as 3D Immersive Touch
  • Rich is a member of the Immersive Education Consortiums RocketWorld Development Group (
  • Rich is Co-Chair of the Immersive Education Consortiums K-12 Workgroup
  • Rich is the Chairman of the  Immersive Education Consortiums: Kansas Regional Chapter
  • Rich has instructed, designed, and developed K-12 virtual world projects with such organizations as Smart Technologies, Appalachian State University, Duke University, Tulane University, Boston College, The Cobalt Consortium, and the Grid Institutes Immersive Education Project.Follow Rich on Twitter at


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  1. Hi Rich,

    I am highly interested in the use of 3D/Metaverse interfaces for education, and specifically their combination with learning management systems such as Moodle.

    I ran across the related projects you worked on (Moodle3D, Edusim and the other things mentioned in the Greenbush blog), was impressed, and would love to chat 🙂


    — Shaul Dar

  2. Hi Rich! We are working on a publication on education and technology, would you be interested in participating? We hope so!

  3. I would like to use the KinderCoder with my 1st graders. I can download it but I can’t save it to the desktop- have to download it every time I want to use it. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks! Carol

  4. Hi Rich, I want to use scratch4opensim with our students creating content on our OpenSim grid. I was able to install (it unpacked) on a Dell, but I am unable to open the program on a Mac, which is the platform most of our schools are using. Can you give me a tip? I do not understand the “to launch in Mac” note that points to the “Scratch.image” file. Should that be placed in a specific location to open the application? It asks for an application on my Mac or to find something in the App store. Guess I am missing an application. Thanks for any help. Lauren Thurman

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