Greenbush Labs

Started in 2005 – The mission of Greenbush labs is to serve as an incubator of innovations & ideas for next generation open source & open learning digital creation learning tools for kids that encourage computational and design thinking through playful and engaging learning environments.

Key Projects & Initiatives:

GreenbushLabs Blog (2005)
3D Immersive Touch UI & Edusim (2006)
Programmable Paint (2011)
SimTastic & Scriptastic (2010)
GreenbushGrid K-12 Opensim (2009)




Mobile Immersive
Learning Lab (2009)
Technology, Design, & 21st Century Skills Lab (2011 – Now the STEM Lab)
Duct Tape Robotics (2014)


Greenbush  VR/AR/MR Repository (2014)

Computercraft Turtleblocks (2014)Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.12.28 PM


Project Details:

Papers & Reports:




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