The GreenbusLabs Project turns 11 !

The GreenbusLabs project was started in 2005 as an effort to share as much as possible regarding my notes, projects, research, observation, and thinking as they related to educational technology and what at the time I seen as these very powerful and emerging “Rich Immersive Learning Environments”.  It is my belief that the effort to share these ideas is as important today as it was back in 2005 !  I hope you find them useful, and that they contribute to your thinking about kids coding, making, and immersive learning environments to improve what we are offering to kids. Its as exciting a time today as it was back in 2005 with the mainstream classroom beginning to embrace the maker spaces and coding in the classroom , I am encouraged in the direction todays modern classroom seems to be headed.  As educational technology innovators we still have our work cut out for us, we still have may hours of work ahead of us as it related to making sure maker spaces, coding in the classroom, and soon that power of VR making and experience tools take hold and further proliferate the modern classroom. Whether your work is in coding in the classroom, making in the classroom, or VR tools in the class, I wish you the best and hope I can in some way help contribute to your thinking and ideas.  Best regards and thanks for being a part of these exciting movements.


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