Reflecting on the SparkTruck and the Greenbush STEM Lab

I ran across this older post today (from 2012) but it really emphasis the difference we are making with our Greenbush wide STEM work –   … but the piece that caught my attention was:

– “One survey of student attitudes towards STEM found that “it is almost universal that mathematics and science is seen as boring and not related to real life”
And these results:
– “One longitudinal study found that SparkTruck experience with high school scientific research bumped the actual decision to choose a career in science about 13%. SparkTruck is only an afternoon with some fun tools. So, as far as workable solutions go, it’s a relatively solid (and inexpensive) solution.”
… The SparkTruck was a project by Sparkfun launched back in 2012 that did very similar things to what we are doing with the Mobile STEM Lab (Coding, Robotics, 3D Design, etc.)
… We are doing a great service to kids by offering these tools on a wide scale ! … In the words of Bill Gates “Education is about motivation… if we can use Virtual Reality (or other fun ways) to draw kids in then that’s incredibly valuable.”

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