Hummingbird Labs Robotics

I seen the Hummingbird Labs demo, its a very very new approach to robotics & “electronic textiles” – … its very cool because it can be programmed with Snap (an iteration of the Scratch visual programming environment) … its more expensive ($199 for one kit but has 3 motors, 5 sensors, & 5 LEDs ! ! !) than the Lego WeDo ($120 but only has one motor & 2 sensors) kit but has been deployed in several pilot studies to get and keep girls interested in robotics, electronics, & programming because it has a “crafty” approach to projects that girls (in studies) tend find more interesting. It reminds me a lot of the Arduino, except a more polished version … I am tempted to suggest this could absolutely swap out any Mindstorm or WeDo exercises we might imagine becauseā€¦

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