Edusim – The Little Project that Could…. Bring 3D to the Fingerstips of Kids

Many years and long hour have gone into the Edusim project – … a projects who’s goal was to bring deeply engaging, highly visual and “tinkerable” 3D environments to the fingertips of kids through interactive surfaces.  It started in 2007 as a simple project, and today the Edusim principals are being broadly adopted by such organizations as SMART Technologies . I traveled and presented with SMART Technologies  back in 2008 & the early days of the Edusim project. We had many conference calls and note taking session together, they were the first to see the potential of Edusim, and very recently they officially released the SMART Technologies  3D tools for their Notebook product.  So a hat tip to SMART Technologies  and their 3D Tools ! –          

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